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Based in Turin (Italy)

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TBA 2018


PC, console


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Singularis is a sc-fi VR adventure set in the future during a conflict between humans and a sentient alien race. The game offers an interactive, nonlinear narrative where the choices of the player have an impact on how the story develops… and ends. All controls and interactions are based on gestures to provide the best and most immersive experience possible in VR.


In Singularis the player can switch between two different gameplay styles:

- He can pilot a space fighter using his own hands with VR controllers. He can fight against other alien spaceships using different sets of weapons that includes cannons, lasers and homing missiles.
- He can float in first person using his EVA suit to move inside abandoned space stations and use pipes and other objects as footholds to move around in a zero gravity environment as real astronauts do.


  • Freedom: Fully customizable ship (weapons, wings, cockpit, etc.) and a vast world to explore by setting your next destination on a galactic map in your spaceship, thus avoiding loading screens.

  • Mistery: Nothing is like it appears. A series of strange things will happen to make you question everything around you. Who's behind that artificial voice guiding you?

  • Violence: The battles in Singularis are fast and extremely violent with brutal explosions and powerful sounds to resonate with your emotions.


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About Dead Pixels


Dead Pixels is a "new generation" game studio developing exciting VR games with a special focus on their artistic content. We are a passionate team of under-30s. Our first game, a sci-fi VR adventure called "Singularis", is included in the TIM #WCAP accelerator program and is set to release next year.

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Team & Repeating Collaborators

Piergianni Pulito

Founder, CEO & Programmer

Maurizio Marseguerra

Founder, Art Director & Game Designer

Giacomo Gallo

Founder, Lead Programmer

Luca Mariani

Founder, Sound Designer & Programmer

Pasquale Mangano


Gabriele Nicastro

Lead Artist

Liza Adriàn Clares

Concept Artist

Enrico Ameglio

3D Artist

Gianni Corrado


Steven Carollo