DEAD PIXELS - 3D contents, Virtual Reality and Animation studio at Turin


Dead Pixels excels in the fields of Computer Graphics, VR applications and 3D Animations

Our company is made of young members whose skills are focused on new technologies and professional
partners that aim to reach the top in every type of projects.


Industry 4.0

We develop interactive applications to enable safe training and remote maintenance

Virtual Reality

Widely immersive VR applications for great experiences

Video games

Have you an idea of a videogame but you don't know how to make it? We are happy to satisfy your creative request


We create interior and exterior scenes for photorealistic rendering and real-time navigation of environments, structures and buildings



We take care of the UX and UI design through a specific application study. Each of our VR products offers a package of natural and intuitive interactions that guarantee high levels of immersion.


We use storytelling to increase the immersivity in our products.

Virtual reality

We are focused on VR applications, mobile or desktop. With the latest 3D engines we can assure high quality on every platform.

3D Modeling and Animation

We create high quality 3D models and animations with the best software, from Maya to Blender. From humanoids to monsters of distant worlds.

Binaural audio

Better uditive experience with an accurate study of audio elements and 3d effects that simulate real world.



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